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Consignments at Top Floor Cars


We are proud to offer consignment services here at Top Floor Cars. Our team here at Top floor Cars has the knowledge and expertise needed to help you sell your vehicle as soon as possible. Carlos Estrada has 16 years of car sales experience and Tony Ramirez has been buying and re-selling old cars for decades. We welcome you to stop by and show us your vehicle to discuss your plans to sell!


Q: What is Top Floor Cars?

A: Top Floor Cars is licensed dealership, located at 2404 S. Chappell Hill St. We sell used and classic vehicles while offering consignment services.


Q: What are the benefits choosing Top Floor Cars to help me sell my vehicle?

A: The best part is that we sell the car for you. We will put your vehicle on our website, and make sure that your car has a strong online presence We post the car for sale on several websites including our social media sites. We currently have space available to store consignment vehicles indoors. Our building is very secure with alarms and video surveillance, so that you know that your vehicle is safe with us.  During the day we will park the cars outside so that people driving by our high traffic location will see the cars for sale. We have a bilingual salesman available to answer questions for potential buyers. We take all inquiries seriously and treat all potential buyers with respect and offer the best possible customer service.


Q: How much does it cost to put my vehicle on consignment?

A: We offer different consignment packages based on your needs and the type of vehicle you have. Please call 979-337-1006 for more detailed information.


Q: Is there a time limit on the consignment contract?

A: There is no time limit, but we will try to get your vehicle sold as soon as possible.


Q: What do I need to have to sign up with you all?

A: A clear title is strongly preferred, Proof of current valid insurance on the vehicle, State ID or Driver’s License.

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